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With Handball Challenge Training Camp, which will offer new games as a free download every once in a while, you can get to know the dynamic and action of the sport of handball in small mini-games and practice situations. In the first three games of Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol. 1 you have the face the opposing goalie on a fast break, move past famous defenders 1-vs-1 and score from every angle in the hotspot shootout.

As a special highlight for all handball fans the mini-games are presented by famous players from the world of handball. Champions League-winner Dominik Klein, Konrad Wilczynski, Patrick Groetzki and Mario Kelentric are the four stars from the German Bundesliga, who are part of the first three mini-games. Some of them you have to face during the training camp and you can show them your skills. The next mini-games, like "penalty shootout" and "2-on-2", will be presented by international stars like the Swedish international Jonas Källman from the Spanish major club Ciudad Real.

The games offer a system with experience points and rewards. In case you are able to achieve certain goals you earn medals (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) and credtis, which allow you to acquire stuff like shirts, shorts or shoes in the shop. New items will be added regularly. During the course of the mini-game series you will be able unlock new gyms, more shot options and individual outfits. Credits can also be bought with real money in case you don't have enough time to unlock all items of if you want to buy something you like very much. In addition to the medals you will also earn experience points with certain performances, which allow you to compare yourself with other players online in our world rankings. If you want to achieve improvements, i.e. earning medals, credtis or experience points, you need to be online, so our game server will be able to update the world rankings regularly.