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Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol.2
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Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol. 2
In Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol. 2 you are able to show your skills not only in the already known mini-games such as „Fast Break“, „1-vs-1“ and „Hotspot Shootout“, but also in the new game „7-Meter-Shootout“. We also introduce the new gym “Crystal Palace” to you, available for the training-mode. You can already try the lob there, our new shot-option, for sure an important part of our current mini-game. We also added some new items to the shop and from now on you can also see your high-score for each mini-game level in the training menu.
Update 2 includes a new level for the mini-game fast break, the "Level Challenge", where the player gets a time-bonus for every new goal record. In the Hall of Fame the new record holders are presented in a brand-new way too. A much smoother game control and jerseys of famous handball clubs, which now can get personalized with the own number and the username, round up the update. With the third update you can now invite your friends and compare with them thanks to one of the new features. Because of you and your great commitment to our game we were able to add six new languages to Handball Challenge Training Camp. Since we change some details regarding the locker your avatar will now wear the same stuff, for example the brand-new Evolution Shirt from, even if you start Handball Challenge Training Camp from a different computer. The new Topscorer List will show the current form from you and your friends, while the new info box will inform you about the latest news about our game and more.

Friend system:

So far you were able to compare with other users in the world ranking, but with the new feature you can invite friends to the Training Camp and compare with them directly. Compare your experience points and your skill level and push each other to reach the number one spot in the world ranking.


With the help of our localization tool and many of you we were able to add six new languages to Handball Challenge Training Camp: Danish, Spanish, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian and Polish.

Evolution Shirt:

The brand-new Evolution Shirt of shows you and your handball ancestors.

Topscorer List:

To include your current form into the game the new update (Vol. 2.3) will add another feature to the already implemented Experience Points and Skill Points: the Scorer Points. Currently it works like this - the more you train, the more Experience Points and Skill Points you will get. The Scorer Points, however, work totally independent from the quantity of your training, but it reflects your current performances. Sometimes you are just full of energy and score one goal after another, sometimes the keeper is almost laughing at the power of your shots. All those results now will be part of the Topscorer List, where you can also compare your results to other players online and your friends as well.

Info box:

This tool will keep you up to date about all actions and events regarding Handball Challenge directly within the game.