Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol. 3

In Handball Challenge Training Camp Vol. 3 you will be able to play a new mini-game next to the already known „Fast Break “, „1-vs-1“ (Offense), „Hotspot Shootout “ and „7-Meter-Shootout “: „1-vs-1“ as a defender. A new language has been added as well.

1-vs-1 Defense:

The mini-game „1-vs-1“ (Defense) includes two different levels of difficulty. In the first level the defender has to block Konrad Wilczynski (Füchse Berlin, Austrian international) successfully. Two medals are needed to unlock the second level. In level two the opponent will be the world handball player of 2010, Filip Jicha. You will be able to block, push or tighten up your opponent, you can also provoke him or cause charges (offensive fouls). You will gain points if the keeper is able to save the shot because you of good defense, if the attacking player misses the shot or breaks a rule. You can also push your opponent or tight him up so a foul is whistled or the attacker lets the ball slip out of his hands in order to gain more points. As a defender you can receive yellow cards or suspensions, in the worst case even red cards. In case of three suspensions you will be excluded from the game with a red card, which means the game is over. You won’t gain any points if you foul the opposing player in the 9m-zone and a penalty (7m) is given.


Thanks to our localization tool and your help a new language has been added to Handball Challenge Training Camp: Swedish.


You can check the key assignment directly in the game when you press the F1 key. That’s how you call the help screen. A screenshot of the keyboard layout on a keyboard and game pad is at the end of this paragraph. However, you can also change the keys individually, simply in the main menu, choose the menu item "Options" and then "Control". Here you can check the standard assignment for the keyboard, gamepad users please look at the screenshot:

D: shot / bounce
W: jump / block
S: get pass
A: twisting / keep
A + space: special-move / offensive-foul activate
D + space: lob

Tips and informations:

Depending on the distance to the opponent and position on the field there are different types of defense. If you’re close to the circle it makes more sense to block the ball, pay attention to the timing, if you jump too soon, the attacker is throwing over you. The farther forward you are defending the easier the attacker can pass in front of you. If he makes a twisting try to cling to him if he passes by you, or is head-on before you, you should try to push him so that the attacker loses the ball. Sometimes the attacker calms during the pushing and throws but you can prevent it by blocking.

During your defensive actions you have to make sure that you don’t get a penalty. For a regular foul there is a 2-min penalty. If you have three 2-min penalty you get a red card and the game is over. Pay attention that you don’t make any defense in the circle, otherwise there is a 7-meter.