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BeitragVerfasst: Di 1. Nov 2011, 13:49 
Registriert: Mo 28. Sep 2009, 17:47
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Hi guys,

I'm barbaro, one of the french translators btw.

I just want to give my point of view on the game, some will agree, some others will not, but to help the game we must speak about it :mrgreen:

Graphics / Menu : 16
Gameplay : 13
Soundtrack : 15

Graphics / Menu


- Arenas are great
- The menu has a great design, very easy to use and navigate through
- Movements on 1v1 are great


- Bad modelisation of the players, maybe you should open it to the community (if possible), some players could take the time to do it :)
- Players dribble like a robot
- Players move like a robot



- 1v1 are very interesting to use / defend
- Different defense tactics (4-2 missing btw)
- Different attack tactics
- Goalkeeper moves are well modelised


- Not enough movements of the players without the ball (wave behind the runner with the ball ^^)
- Referee must give a 2 Min when you touch a player in the air or from behind...
- You're obliged to use 80% of the time a 1v1 move, and the bot is bad in defending on it



- Great musics


- Not enough musics, always the same playing :)


This game isn't worth 40 euros, but i think about it like an investment ^^
I saw some very angry people because they thought it was gonna be FIFA 12 for handball, seriously, how can you think it, that's the first game of live handball and you want a perfect first shot game ?...
A real handball player knows the difficulties to reproduce this sport, and will wait, nothing more to say...

I will make a video test of the game for the french community later.

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